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Dec 17, 2012 7:00am PST
yesterday, it flushed 10 years ago, what's the problem? narrator: atlanta is a rapidly growing urban area. its primary source of drinking water is the chattahoochee river, which also provides water to many downstream communities. but its infrastructure is dangerously old, without outdated facilities and combined sewer overflows polluting the watershed. the city faces strict consent decrees and lawsuits, along with a severe lack of funding. man: when i started working for the city of atlanta in the late '70s, we were approaching that point in time where a lot was going to be needed, in terms of rehabilitation and upkeep. most of the very large pipes were at least 80 years old. we had needs that were identified in the '50s and in the '60s and in the '70s that were deferred. woman: we are urging that we all try to find a way to overcome the obstacles and limitations that might exist. woman: when i was running for office, i met someone who knew mayor hartsfield, who, in the late 1960s, said, "i don't know who the next mayor will be, "but i know they'll have to fix the water and sewer inf
Dec 10, 2012 6:30am EST
noches para todos y bienvenidos a los deportes, y sin perder tiempo vamos hasta atlanta para contarles como le fue a los wizards. bien el partido ya termino y no se pudo, la tercer victoria de la temporada sera para otro dia porque los hawks de atlanta derrotaron 104-95 a los wizards. kevin serapin fue el maximo anotador por el quinteto capitalin con 19 puntos. mientras que josh smith sobre salio por atlanta con 23 puntos. a nivel local el domingo al medio dia en longbridge park de arlington sera la final de la tercera edicion de la copa soccer kicks entre jutiapa de en el futbol america se jugara el partido con los dos equipos del area en la semana 14 de la nfl este domingo a partir de la una de la tarde en el fedex field se enfrentan los washington redskins y los ravens de baltimore, no podra ser el clasico de la liga pero si el partido del area. ambos necesitan de la victoria, ravens para consolidar el primer lugar y redskins para seguir en la lucha por el playoffs. vamos al boxeo porque se viene la cuarta pelea entre pacquiao y marquez. y hoy se presentaron al pesaje dond
Dec 22, 2012 12:00pm PST
guards in all of the nation's schools we'll talk to kasim reed, mayor of atlanta and one of the people around the country who say we need fewer gun, not more. >>> as millions travel home for the holidays, stay tuned for that. good day. i'm richard lui at the top of the hour and just two days to go before the fiscal deadline and congress has gone home for the holidays. >> in the next few days i've asked leaders of congress to work toward a package that prevents a tax hike on middle-class americans and that's an achievable goal that can get done in ten days. >> i don't want tax rates to go up and republicans don't want tax rates to go up. the best way to address our crippling debt is to make significant spending cuts and fix our tax code, to pave the way for long-term growth and opportunity. >>> nbc's kristin welker is traveling with the president in hawaii and kristin, the president you are just learning he thinks some time off could do everyone some good here. >> that's right. on friday when president obama spoke to the nation before he left to come to hawaii he urged members of congre
Dec 15, 2012 4:00am PST
story. nick valencia at the cnn center in atlanta. thanks, nick. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm ali velshi. you're watching our special coverage of the connecticut school shooting. i'm in newtown, connecticut, about a block away from the school which is roughly behind me. a block away from the scene of the horrible massacre. here's what we know right now. in about an hour, officials are expected to start releasing the names of the victims. we've learned the names of two of the adults, the principal and a school counselor, but not the names of the children. now, that is expected to start happening at around 8:00 a.m. right where i am. right now the bodies are still inside the school. police say it's an active crime scene and that means the shooter's body is still there, as well. police say 20-year-old adam lanza was the shooter, and also say his mother's body was found inside the home they shared together about 2 1/2 miles from here. >> i'm john berman in the town square here in newtown. flags flying at half staff here all around the country to honor those lost at the elementary scho
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
to overtime tonight before falling to atlanta. the wizard coach will need the powers of gandalf to turn this around. judge smith -- after the turnover, an easy tossed up. wizards' hanging around. way at side of the wing. tis the game late. it went to overtime -- in overtime, atlanta, shaun stephenson, takes the inside pass. atlanta wins, 100-95. wizards are 3-19. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? >> here is the seven-day forecast. another mile day tomorrow. thursday night and friday -- temperatures will be chilly by the weekend. >> that is all for a 11 news tonight. jay leno is next. jay leno is next. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacifi
Dec 23, 2012 5:00am PST
bring in atlanta's democratic mayor, founder and president of the center for social inclusion a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting social and economic inequality. and kevin alexander grey. a attorney from south carolina and great to have you here. >> i wish i were an attorney. >> so, tell me this. what was your reaction on that nikki haley clip? >> what is going on in this? what is the subtext of this kind of going out of her way? >> none of us were surprised that nikki haley appointed tim scott. that was a smart moove. that was a boss move. when you look at politics of south carolina, they've always been about race. all the time. that's our history. we say the south carolina, like with georgia, is the heart of dixie, south carolina is the soul of dixie. so it's all about race. but then again, as i was watching this clip and i seen nikki haley embrace her minority status. niki's taught about a traditionally all-black school in orangeburg county. they had a business centered in the heart of the black community. so at some point in nikki haley's life she decide, and we j
Dec 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
kicked off today. and the warriors are in atlanta. and the warriors are in atlanta. with a win they would come home you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas! >> the warriors have been on a road trip that ends in atlanta. they won the first five straight, including knocking off the miami heat. ore lab dough hasn't them the first loss last night. see if they can come home 6-1. warriors off to the best start since then '91 season. seth curry, and lee layers it in, harrison barnes looking strong, 2-2 beyond the arc, 1 in the first half. the follow-up one-handed slam we'll have more highlights coming up at 6:00. >> to college hoops, stanford m
Dec 4, 2012 4:00am PST
marciano. he is following it all from the cnn weather center in atlanta. good morning. >> good morning, zoraida. this is the worst stretch of storms that northern california has seen really in about two years. another punch today then we'll set up for a dry trend. the good news is that it has been dry so the ground, even though we've seen a lot of major flooding, the ground has absorbed a fair amount of it. seattle to portland, rain right now. snow at the highest elevations, and the rain will eventually push down into san francisco and sacramento later on today. this system is actually messing up the atmosphere and creating a lot of warmth across much of the country. if you live anywhere east of the rockies, actually anywhere east of the cascades and sierras, you're feeling it. temperatures, record breaking yesterday, into the 60s and 70s across parts of the midwest. 20 and 30 degrees above average. that would be the case again today, and then a little bit of a cooldown as we go through time. but watching the rain closely across san francisco as mentioned, somewhat drier for at least c
Dec 25, 2012 8:00am PST
we head toward afternoon and into evening, atlanta, birmingham, so dangerous tornadoes, winds 60 to 80 miles per hour, straight line winds could be a factor as well. as well as damaging hail. so you kind of get the perspective and the gravity of this. that is the severe weather side. on the back side in oklahoma city we're talking snow. although you've seen the pictures along i-40 of the dangers on the road. oklahoma city had the potential for 5 to 8 inches of snow but what's happened is we're seeing a lot of ice develop so that is cutting down on the snowfall accumulations and totals for oklahoma city. maybe now 2 to 4 but look what happens. north of little rock, 2 to 6 potentially. and then around paducah through kentucky 6 to 12 potentially with blizzard warnings and then as we head from today into tonight the snow moves all the way in toward ohio and then the potential, suzanne, in western new york and upstate new york for 12 plus inches of snow. >> right. >> so this is just the beginning of really a tough few days. >> this is the day to stay inside, wrap yourself in a blanket.
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm PST
la azaña pero atlanta logra la victoria 21 a 18. >> y el biesbol esta de luto después de la muerte de ryan field que se suicido a los 31 años de edad, y los marineros contratan a raul ibañez y corey ross firma con arizona. >> tigres y pumas igualaron a 2 en el volcan. >> y nos dicen como disfrutar de la navidad al mismo tiempo que cuidamos el medio ambientge. >> se acerca la navidad y todos los quehacerse de la fiesta el árbol y más, consejos practicos para que consulte la fiesta ecologica. >> arbolito de navidad real o artificial? lo mejor es tener uno real y después reciclarlo, los árboles plasticos no pueden ser reciclado, cuándo vaya a escojer su regalo escocja uno que no sea tan brillante y una invitacion al cine, utilice platos reales y para la cena, si usa desechables entonces que sean los reciclables. >> esta fiesta es para celebrar la vida, disfrutemos de esta linda epoca y demosle grcias a nuestro bello planeta. >> si usted ya se vacuno contra la influenza bien, si no es tiempo todavía, todos en la familia tienes que estar vacunados pero algunos estado del sur dice q
Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
wizards reciben a partir de las 7 de la noche a los hawks de atlanta, digo esto porque lamentablemente washington es el peor equipo de la liga y los hawks son sublideres en la division sueste de la conferencia este. hasta aqui los deportes, mas esta noche a las once, lideres hispanos fueron galardonados por su contribucion a la finalizamos esta edicion con un agradecimiento especial al equipo de la revista social vip pass, quienes anoche celebraron su segunda gala hispana, honrando a diferentes lideres de la comunidad latina que preservan y exaltan la cultura latinoamericana en sus diferentes facetas. entre los invitados especiales y galardonados de la noche estuvieron el congresista rob garcia, el concejal de arlington walter tejada... tambien fue galardonado el gerente general de univision washington oscar rodriguez... felicidades y sigan adelante con esta iniciativa... >>bravo!! hoy es martes 18 de diciembre, despiden a una maestra, quien dio su vida salvando a sus niños. >>y en medio de fuertes medidas de seguridad, los niños vuelven a clases. >>familiares y amigo
Dec 15, 2012 11:00pm PST
over atlanta coming home. off to best start since the 92-91 season, rookie harrison improving every game. 19 in the game. carl landry off the bench. the followup, 'one-hasn't -- one-hasn't jam. warriors most effective when everybody gets involved. david lee, averaging a double double in every game on the trip. this steal and the slam. 18 points for curry, war yore 6-1 on the road trip, 115-93 your final. >> to conditional hoops. stanford facing uc davis. a little nonconference matchup after a couple weeks of exam. the only aggie player to show up. 23 of the team's 52 points. only two davis players hit double digit. josh hits the dumper and a foul. he had 14. cardinal left at the half. cardinal with the 75-52 victory. >> our defense is -- i believe in our guys. i know we have good shooters. we keep defending like we're defending right now,ll take it. the way we're defending, give ourselves a chance to win against everyone, every night. as long as we stay confident, believe in ourselves, that's going to turn around and we're going to shoot the ball well. >> mike: cal hosting creighton
Dec 9, 2012 3:00am PST
>>> from cnn headquarters in atlanta, this is early start. great to see you. >>> he says he's sick again, but this time hugo chavez makes a shocking admission. plus this. >>> our officers on scene faeel as if alcohol was a contributing factor to. >> a dallas cowboy is dead and the driver under arrest. listen to this. >>> god blesses us so why can't we bless other people. >> he returned from the battlefield broken homeless, but things have changed for this iraq war vet. now he's giving back one blessing at a time. you've got to see that. it's december 9, 2012. good morning. i'm susan hendricks in for randi kaye. -- captions by vitac -- >>> we begin with a developing story, venezuelan president hugo chavez telling the world his cancer is back it's shown up in the same affected area. we have had to look at the diagnostics and check with with a expert and dehave decided it is absolutely essential and necessary to undergo another surgery. >> chavez also spoke publicly about a sec sayser for a first time saying his vice president should replace him if he now worsens. we now
Dec 18, 2012 5:00am PST
de tormentas severas. >>el sur de la florida pocos cambios, temperaturas 44 atlanta 33 sur de la florida 69 esta noche. alertas al nordeste, bermont new hampshire, nueva york todo esta zona con nieve. lo principal ahora es la lluvia, sobre todo el corredor este, incluyenod nueva york niebla, lluvia que se extiende hasta horas de mañana. temperaturas descenderán mucho más >>fríos en el medio oeste, temperaturas bajo cero. tenemos avisos de ventista, esto significará 2 a 3 pulgadas de nieve en los próximos dias, carreteras estarán instransitables. este lidiando con lluvia y nieve, en los Ángeles y áreas de san francisco. >>muchas gracias, eduardo. nuestra querida antonieta collins llega con la joran van jornada deportiva. el cruz azul esta más que listo para dar la bienvenida al próximo fichaje >>diego reyes juega con portugal a partir de junio del 2013 así lo dio a conocer piojo herrera. >>otro mexicano en la mira de porto es chicharito hernández segun lo publicoi este domingo un diario. >>no es primera vez que se le vincula al porto >>teofilo gutiérrez ya esta en m
Dec 24, 2012 8:00am PST
years old. rep. john lewis: twenty-five. and i was going from southwest georgia through atlanta back to selma, when we heard that he had been shot. i came to new york, attended the service for him. amy goodman: what is your assessment of the significance of malcolm x? rep. john lewis: i think malcolm played a major role in helping to educate, inform and dramatize the need for mass movement. people read about him. many of the young people, black and white, read his story. many did not agree necessarily with his techniques or his tactic. but if malcolm had lived, i am convinced that he would have been part of the southern nonviolent wing of the civil rights movement. amy goodman: and his relationship with dr. king? what did dr. king think? rep. john lewis: i remember malcolm being in the hotel, before we even saw him in kenya, the night of the march on washington-the evening before the march on washington. he was at the hilton hotel in washington. now, he didn't like the way the march turned out, because he said it was like a picnic and that it was not strong enough. amy goodman: and he w
Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm PST
apoveho el primer periodo y le gano a orlando en su quinta derrota consecutiva. >> atlanta asesto con un 60óó% de tiros. 109 por cien ganaron >> los bobcats sacaron las garras ante new orlenas con puntos de gordon. en cleveland el ex jugador polez tuvo faena de 35 puntos ayudando a los nets a un victoria de 103 por cien. >> en los deportes les deseamos una feliz noche. >> continuamos compartiendo las fotos n estas fiestas ya agradecemos a las familias que nos han enviado las fotos en esta temporada de fiestas . para estas celebración el transporte ic
Dec 24, 2012 11:00am PST
southeast. houston, new orleans, atlanta, and the west coast as well. but it is not just rain. it is the potential for severe weather outbreak in the southeast and i'll show you that. who will be white, wichita, oklahoma city, snow for you. little rock and spokane. let me delineate the day and show you what is going to happen tomorrow. this is really the biggest concern. tomorrow morning, from houston through new orleans, the potential for strong tornadoes, 60 to 80-mile-per-hour winds and strong hail and big hail as well. and then it moves east during the afternoon. so the panhandle of florida gets into it. atlanta, birmingham, tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. and then it moves on wednesday here to the eastern seaboard. so the severe threat, very real and also very rare. rare tornadoes in florida and georgia. last time we had tornadoes on christmas was 2006. and oklahoma city, very rare for snow and you are going to see oklahoma city five to eight inches of snow tomorrow as the big storm gets going, hala, and moves from the southeast with severe weather in through the mid-atla
Dec 4, 2012 1:40am PST
, you cannot see, feel, or smell, a dangerous lesson for a school in atlanta. >>> and an eye-opening experiment about sleep deprivation. behind the wheel after our colleague stayed up for 36 hours straight. it's coming up on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by no!no! hair removal. the new color changing candle from air wick, brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. until they see this. the oral-b pro-health clinical brush. its pro-flex sides adjust to teeth and gums for a better clean. the pro-health clinical brush from oral-b. >>> welcome back, everyone. school safety rules are under the microscope this morning after a scare at an atlanta >>> welcome back, everyone. school safety rules are under the microscope this morning after a scare at an atlanta elementary school. 42 students and seven adults rushed to the hospital and 500 people were evacuated all because of potential deadly levels of carbon monoxide. now the school had no carbon mon
Dec 18, 2012 4:00am PST
atlanta, 51. partly sunny in st. louis, 56. mostly cloudy in denver, 38. showers in seattle, 40 degrees. >>> the newtown school shooting has parents and teachers all across the country concerned about the safety of their classrooms. and as mark strassmann reports this morning, many schools are reviewing and improving their security procedures. >> reporter: dekalb county's briar lake elementary was different today. an armed school police officer patrolled outside, and the principal ordered teachers to lock all classroom doors on the hallway side. lillian gobas, the district's spokeswoman, took us inside. all of dekalb's 138 schools have at least 32 secured cameras, installed in 1999 after the columbine shooting. >> what's new is the sense of awareness and the dialogue that's happening among our staff members and our families and the students who we serve in order to keep our children safe. >> i want everyone to get away from the hallway door and get down. >> reporter: this training video was attached to the memo from the texas attorney general urging the stated's 1,025 school dis
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am PST
weather in some cities toward country. washington, sun and clouds, 44. partly sunny in atlanta, 54. snow in st. louis, 37. denver, 24. cloudy in seattle, 41 degrees. >>> top stories now on this monday morning. secretary of state hillary clinton being treated for a blood clot at a new york city hospital. she was admitted yesterday. doctors discovered the clot during a follow-up examination for a concussion. clinton sustained when she fell earlier this monday. >>> and there's still no deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. vice president joe biden is now involved in the negotiations, but senate republicans and democratic leaders remain at odds over key issues such as higher tax rates and the inheritance tax. >>> thousands turned out all across india to remember the woman who died during a gang rape. they promised to keep fighting against rape and sex-related crimes. they're also demanding the six men accused face the death penalty. her body was cremated yesterday. >>> here in new york, a woman accused of pushing a man to his death on the subway tracks is being charged with a hate
Dec 20, 2012 4:00am PST
there's everybody else. okc on the road in atlanta looking to win their 11th straight. the thunder stars ruled the night. russell westbrook, 27 points. oklahoma city im most heated kevin durant draws a season-high 41 on the hawks. oklahoma city improves to 20-4 with a 100-92 win. >>> one of the most heated rivalries in college hoops resumed laugh night. cincinnati and xavier met for the first time since that big brawl last year. the team shaking hands before the game. it was held on a neutral site to diffuse some of the tension. xavier would take the lead into the half, but in the second, cincinnati runs away with the game. the 11th ranked bearcats remain unbeaten. they win, 60-45. >>> when we come back, a high-flying hoax. millions watch this viral video showing an eagle trying to snatch somebody's child. mama said this though. don't believe everything you see on the internet. don't believe e'eri everything you see on the internet. maybe you can be there; maybe you can't. when you have migraines with fifteen or more headache days a month, you miss out on your life. you may have ch
Dec 3, 2012 3:00pm PST
as the author, who recommended it to all of his friends, and the deputy mayor of atlanta who came on the tour to inform his homeless policy in atlanta. we really see the reach of this, not only taking people into other underserved communities, but really redefining what tourism is. it is such a huge moneymaker for the city, but also, we are now attracting locals and other people who would not necessarily think to go on a tour or to pay for an experienced to now pay for them. >> we see a really wide variety of those that are part of our community. you might think often people think that college students would be out running around town doing errands, and from the beginning, that was never the case. the first big learning i had when i launched the business. we have stay at home moms that are out running their own parents anyway and not mind picking things up for people. young professionals looking to supplement their incomes nights and weekends. san francisco is an extensive place to live. if they could make a few extra bucks on the side to help supplement their rent, then all the bett
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am PST
sun in miami 79. showers in chicago 65. clearing in dallas 81. partly sunny in atlanta, 67 degrees. >>> let's check your national forecast. the brief break from the stormy weather in the west rain and snow showers occur from western washington to northern rockies. but don't put away the umbrellas just yet. another big storm is expected to hit the region tomorrow. mostly dry and warm across the rest of the country with temperatures in some areas running above -- whoa. running 30 degrees above average. i was going to say 30 degrees. in sports this morning the cowboys tony romo set the record taking down the eagles. he had three touchdowns. less than a minute left, johnson returns a punt 98 yards to get the eagles within five. dallas is ready. and gets the on sidekick. cowboys take down the eagles 38-33. philadelphia now losing eight straight games. pittsburgh really wanted this. fourth quarter here. the steelers miller dives across the goal to tie the score against the ravens. then nails a 42 yard field goal. steelers beat baltimore. 23-20. another close one. the bears jay cutler, de
Dec 22, 2012 4:00am PST
possible changes. >> at this gun shop and firing range north of atlanta, already brisk holiday sales have suddenly bumped up even more. customers fearing future gun restrictions from congress are looking to buy now. >> me and my brother collect weapons and we have plenty of handguns and shotguns and only one assault rifle. and with all the new, you know, talk of new legislation going on to assault rifles. i definitely want to get a few more before, you know, something may happen. >> what's the largest clip you can put in there? >> gun collector rudy orlando is specifically looking to buy the ar-15, a semiautomatic rifle similar to the one used in connecticut. and he's not alone. demand for the weapon here is driving $1,000 price tag. >> all the prices are really high, i mean they're really high on these guns right now, you know. and they're not going to budge on the prices because they're going to be sold. >> are you going to buy anyway? >> i probably will. >> a recent spike in sales reported in stores across the country add emphasis to what is already a record sales year in the u.s.
Dec 3, 2012 5:30am EST
will see on the atlanta falcons, you see the skyline on the top of the city, that is really nice and atlanta falcons, speaking of the skyline, these guys right here, setting the stage in setting themselves up to a run at the big game towards the end of the season. >>guest: i have to make sure you see the back of this because this is the sure the experience, this is the warm cozy wrapped itself around at the first quarter of the first game and still be wrapped around it at the end of sunday night football. they're so soft, so incredibly comfortable and that is why so many people pick them up to give to their kids come grandkids, for bed so far, you cannot go wrong with this as a gift and if you do have people and of life you know who are fans the different teams come to take advantage of by more and is one of the first items that we offer here, with football fan shop, this goes out each year in and each one is different and unique but what they all are and 60 x 80, machinehable, incredibly soft and incredibly beloved by all of our fans of our football fan shop. it will have ba
Dec 13, 2012 4:00am PST
, as well. >> 50s from atlanta to new york. 40s in the midwest and rockies. 27 in fargo. 37 in the twin cities. and 50s from omaha to dallas. >>> and when we come back this morning, music and money. the woman who earned more than any other female singer this year. >>> and music to the ears of anyone that's is sick and tired of blaring tv ads. why you're going to get a break from the loud commercials starting today. >>> then, a ghost story caught on tape. the tv report that turned pretty haunting. i tried decongestants... i tossed and turned... i even vaporized. and then i fought back with drug-free breathe right. these nasal strips instantly open my nose, like a breath of fresh air. i was breathing and sleeping better. for the first time, the federal reserve is going to link interest rates to a specific unemployment number. fed chairman ben bernanke has announced rates will remain ultralow until the jobless rate drops below 6.5%. something that he says might not happen for at least three more years. >>> and the owners of more than 800,000 honda vehicles are going to be getting reca
Dec 24, 2012 4:00am EST
. >> this problem runs deep and wide. >> reporter: outside of atlanta, gun owners are voting with their wallets, buying up weapons while they still can. >> i don't think it's ever a wrong time to protect yourself and -- and exercise your second amendment rights. >> reporter: but some 30 miles away from the connecticut shooting scene, gun owners were surrendering their arms for cash. it's one of a number of gun buyback programs around the country. this event netted 64 firearms. organizers say that's not a disappointment, it's a start. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> the pentagon says the commanding officer of s.e.a.l. team 4 has died in afghanistan. 42-year-old navy commander joe w. price died saturday of what u.s. military officials are calling a noncombat-related injury. they tell nbc news has death is being investigated as a possible suicide. s.e.a.l. team 4 was part of a mission to train local afghan police to fight the taliban. >>> in a possible insider attack, a nato spokesman says an american adviser was shot and killed this morning by an afghan policewoman at kabul h
Dec 20, 2012 2:00am PST
those storms work their way towards atlanta. for the east coast, much of this morning's drive is just fine. tomorrow morning, it will not be a pretty scene, even areas such as philly, d.c. and new york. >>> the fbi is offering a $50,000 reward for these escaped chicago bank robbers. jose banks, that's his name and kenneth conley, the pair they climbed down a 20-story jail and then surveillance video shows them hopping into a cab. >>> plus, which car performed best in the 2013 insurance institute's highway safety test? the results coming up next. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. ♪ don't know what i'd do ♪ i'd have nothing to prove [ male a
Dec 20, 2012 5:30pm PST
220-year-old financial institution is being bought by an upstart kid of a company from atlanta, the intercontinental exchange, or ice, a derivatives trading firm founded only a dozen years ago. an icon of american capitalism since 1792, the new york stock exchange long dominated the financial landscape, but the big board has seen its influence erode in recent years. how long did you work opt floor here? s. 30 years. >> reporter: 30 years. when veteran trader it ken polcari started on the floor in ade early 1980s, that he was one he eome 3,000 traders. >> the energy that was in the building, that really drove kind of the personality of the place, ite market, the excitement of it. >> reporter: today, the floor is considerably quieter as electronic trading has eliminated the middle man, the number of traders has dwindled to fewer than 700 and the s y.s.e. now also faces tougher re aetition. >> there are 12 other exchanges, which are public transparent exchanges. >> reporter: the nyse has seen exchshare of trading and the nocks listed on the exchange declined from 82% to 21%. is this go
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Dec 14, 2012 9:00pm EST
: spending taxpayers money is only a federal problem. check this out. this atlanta mayor, approving the city council to receive -- wait for it -- 50% pay increase starting in 2014. do they not have tv in atlanta? you heard it right. 50%. the council council members voted to raise their own pay earlier this month. these employers employees are also demanding that pays well. they are wanting to raise the income for these city employees. really? fiscal cliff? deficit? that? anyone? what steps can you take to lower your tax burden mr.? we have dominant from diversified financiaa consultants. you talk with them leaders. what do they say? >> they are working diligently to get this compromise. if you look at the economic and tax issues facing us in 2013, it's going to go either bad or really bad. it is not going to be a compromise. there is not a good scenario coming out of the picture. even if they compromise, we are still going to be facing higher taxes and substantial cuts in entitlements and other programs. >> at the end of the day, that hurts gdp in the country? >> the projections by the cbo,
Dec 15, 2012 10:00am PST
live in atlanta. >> i want to tell you, viewers, this is hard and over the next two hours know that we are doing something that's really hard and unprecedented, not dealing with what the families are dealing with, obviously, who have suffered such tragedy but to have to come and report on 20 children dead is almost unfate th unfathomable. the church is keeping their doors open and are not allowing the media to come in here. this search is open for 24 hours. they have lost members of their own church. again, this is hard. i can speak for myself and deb feyerick, we will try to speak as calm and comforting as we can and sometimes we won't get things right. we're learning a lot of information just as you are learning it here. we're going to be try to be as respectful as possible. we did not speak with children on camera without the parents' permission. as we say that, bear with us here and we're going to try to go through this without breaking down. this is really tough for everyone involved and for everyone watching. so we're learning new details about how this rampage unfolded and th
Dec 5, 2012 4:00am PST
big cooldown in the midwest. scattered showers and thunderstorms in the carolinas, atlanta and new orleans. >> 50s in the northeast. mostly 40s in the midwest. denver hovering near 70, 25 degrees above normal. just shy of 80 in phoenix. >>> when we come back this morning, home sweet home prices. the housing market is really on a roll. >>> and then, something fishy. a taste test of some genetically-modified salmon. it could be headed to your dinner plate. but it's nothing found in nature. >>> and the dog that found itself on some very thin ice. and the rescuers, though, who raced to save him. >>> welcome back, everyone. there's another sign this morning that the housing market is recovering. home prices in october were up more than 6% from a year earlier, the biggest yearly gain in more than six years. prices rose in all but five states. they were off just a fraction from september. but analysts say that's the end of the summer home buying season. >>> a company called aquabounty is waiting for final fda approval on what critics are calling their manmade fish. abc news got exclusive
Dec 20, 2012 4:00am PST
, minneapolis, kansas city, detroit, new orleans, memphis, atlanta and charlotte. >> a lot of cities. rough day to fly today. be careful, folks. >>> back to the news this morning. the ohio attorney general has now become the latest public official to suggest that arming teachers may be the best way to prevent another school shooting tragedy. >> some states, guards and even teachers are already carrying guns. alex perez explores the debate in abc's effort to search for solutions. >> reporter: since the tragedy at sandy hook, lawmakers across the country are pushing a new solution, to arm teachers in classrooms with guns. >> you should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in this state. >> i wish to god she had had an m-4 in her office locked up. >> reporter: gun advocates point to a case in 1997, when an armed vice president at a high school in pearl, mississippi, stopped a gunman who had already shot and killed two students. but at a school in suburban chicago, where the focus is high-tech security, but no guns, fourth grade teacher dara thacker says training teachers to be sharp-shooters
Dec 15, 2012 6:00pm PST
atlanta tonight. jack with the drive here, can't get this shot to fall, but karl landry there for the emphatic follow. landry came off the bench to score 19. they were tied after a quarter, but the warriors ran away with it after that. jack will be good this time from three-point range. he finished with 13. steph curry was two rebounds away from a triple-double, missing the three, then pick the pocket of atlanta's williams, then go in for 2 of his 18 points. the warriors win 150-93, going 6-1 on their seven-game trip. >>> uc davis usually puts up a pretty good battle when it steps out of its league in a stretch game. not so this afternoon at stanford. the usual atmosphere for a matinee today, the cardinal led by 11 at the half, then did this early in the second. dwight powell drives the lane that puts one down with a vengeance. powell, with a little attitude going on, on way to a 20-point game that saw him for 8 for 10 from the field. you could say he was taking high percentage shots. aaron bright drives the lane, can't get his shot to fall, but powell there for the follow. stanford w
Dec 4, 2012 7:00am PST
potentially lethal carbon monoxide leak at an atlanta elementary school. >> hubie: 50 teachers and students were sent to the hospital monday. firefighters discovered the unsafe conditions. and now, parents are asking, why the school reportedly had no carbon monoxide detectors located inside. steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: it was a shocking scene, played out on live television. >> i saw kids passing out. i saw them shivering. i saw some kids just moving around like they were dizzy. >> reporter: dozens of children at this atlanta grade school monday, falling out from high levels of carbon monoxide poisoning. needs gas masks to breathe. being wheeled out on stretchers. >> fainting, dizziness, headache and nausea were the four symptoms. >> reporter: firefighters were carrying sick children. >> there's kids laying on the floor. at least three. and the teacher are saying, this town needs help. >> reporter: 500 children were forced to leave the building. at least 43 sent to hospitals. angry parents stormed the school, desperate to find their kids. >> you transported them witho
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Dec 24, 2012 3:00pm PST
pass through the atlanta airport today alone. >> it impacted us from departure standpoint. flights have been delayed on each push. throughout the concourses but here in check-in we have been able to get passengers, pretty steadily through. on a regular basis. like any other day. >> snow created havoc for skiers to the west to hit the slopes. some city saw six to 12 inches of fresh powder. northeast and mid-atlantic freezing rainfall has people scrambling to get out, even as they wish for a white christmas. >> looking forward to white christmas. >> we had adequate staffing and got the passengers out quickly. today is a good day. >> triple-a predicts 84 million americans will take to the roads this holiday season. driving 786 miles round trip. >> we are seeing to see the major storms develop on many part of the country there. could be major delay at airport. we could see problems on the roads as well. especially safety problems as snow and ice comes down. >> national weather service says that more storms are headed this week. predictions are for a wentry mix to pacific northwest to o
Dec 16, 2012 5:00am PST
those affected by this shooting, you can go to let's go to victor blackwell in atlanta with a special guest. >>> it's time for faces of faith. >>> this morning we're talking about turning to faith to find comfort in the face of unimaginable violence. rabbi lesser joins me now. he's from congregation in atlanta. thanks for coming in to speak with us. there are so many questions and so many difficult conversations. people are going to houses of worship. what comfort can your faith offer in a time like this? >> i think as a country we're grieving with the families and this horrible tragedy stirs up our own sense of grief and this possibility of what it would mean if it happened in our community and families. people coming together brings a great deal of strength and comfort. i think prayer. they're not the only vehicle. it's a powerful vehicle to express those really powerful emotions that grief can bring to us. the more that we gather, the more that we talk about this, it helps us see the values we want to bring into our society. all of that for me is really positive step
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